Penny auction websites are a great way to acquire stuff for a low price. Thousands of people are playing right now, fighting for a product they want so much. Some auctions may last for hours, or even days. If you already have been in one of those long lasting auctions, you know how hard it is when you have to do something else and can't be in front of your PC bidding. Today there are two options when that happens: abandon the auction or turn on the built-in auto-bidder (bid buddies) offered by the website. Both options are terrible. With the first one you just loose all your money and the auction. The second option looks less bad, but you are forced to place your bid at a random time up to 15 seconds, specify the price range and that's it. Why place your bid at 10 seconds if you can wait till the 2 seconds mark? Because it is what penny auction websites want: your money. Thousands of players also quitted the penny auction world because of this frustation. But now you have a third choice! Use BidFellow and have all the control you always wanted over bidding!

How it works
It is very easy to use BidFellow, here are the steps you must follow to get it running in less than 1 minute:
  1. Choose one site from the site list
  2. Go to "Rules" tab, set up the bid timing and conditions
  3. Back to "Main" tab, login in the website and enter a auction page
  4. Hit "Start" button

From then, you can leave your PC and let BidFellow works for you! During the auction, you can switch to "Statistics" tab and check out all bidding history. Also, you can view total bids placed for each user. That is an excelent way to check for suspicous bidders (shill bidding), as generally websites do not provide that information. Optionally, you can configure it to send emails to you (for example when you are at work it is very useful) or notify by playing sounds (useful when you are close to you PC but not looking to its screen) when the auction is ended.

  • Delay calculator: To help you to find the best minimum safe bid timing, BidFellow uses a "Delay" indicator, that shows you how much time, in milliseconds, it takes to your bid register in the server
  • Multi-core optimized: Be sure that all monitoring and bidding done are done in real time, because the program was designed to be multi threaded since the beginning
  • Anti-idle system: Avoid being redirected to another page or getting a "Are you still there?" message from auction website because you are away from your PC for too long. BidFellow keeps your session alive during all the time
  • Detailed logging: The program records every detail of the auction, please see screenshots number 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 for more information. Also, you can export log files to TXT or EXCEL if you want to do further calculations
  • Notifications: Configure it to send you email or sound notifications when the auction is ended or a unexpected error happened in the program
  • Skins: Choose between 11 different themes for the interface
  • Update notifier: As soon a new update is launched, BidFellow will notify you instantly
  • On-the-fly help: Almost every control in the interface have its own help description in a very easy way to understand. Just let your mouse over it. No need to go deep into endless and confusing help files. Check out the last screenshot!

Main tab

Rules tab

Statistics tab

Detailed auction statistics tab

Detailed totals

Own bids statistics

Settings tab

On-the-fly help